I'm Apryl

Photographer  *  Wife  *  Momma  *  Believer  *  Creative

Story time: 

Once upon a time... I wanted to be able to stay at home with our babies. My husband (James) came home with a brand new digital camera and said... "We are going to be photographers" .... I jumped in with both feet and took photography classes at IUPUI. By the time our daughter was born 4 years later,  we had grown so much I needed to hire my sister to be our nanny. Now I had be best of both worlds. I worked from home and could be with my babies on my breaks and had a thriving business I loved. 

I have a passion for all things baby and kids and am known as the baby whisperer. 

Fun Facts

Photographers have a legal and ethical responsibility to prioritize safety in every session. My training in newborn safety and posing allows me to properly pose each newborn so that they are comfortable and safe in every set. Many poses look adorable but can be very dangerous if not done properly. Many poses are a combination of two photos allowing us to always keep a safety hand on the baby. My background in child psychology and children with special needs allows me to connect with older children and create a safe environment for them to have fun but also be safe





I am a mom to two teens. Kolin is a Senior and Brenna is a Freshman. Pray for me.... 

I am an avid reader and read 2-3 books a week. I would rather read/listen to a book than the radio. Gasp! lol  

I can't stand coffee ... don't come after me! I prefer a fountain diet coke or a bottle diet pepsi. 

Safety First